Jan 12, 2014


I received a notification that this blog officially turned 1 this past week. Sweet!

I also wanted to add that (copied from my recent post on the r3v forum):

I’m pretty much at the point where the only things I can think of doing to the car is stripping it, repainting it, replacing all moldings and trim, and either completely rebuilding the M42 motor with one from Metric Mechanics or hunting for an S14 to drop in it. All of this is pretty pricey and will take a ton of time, so I’m not sure if I should go through with it or put the car for sale and hunting for an E30 M3 or a more modern car like a very mint E36 M3, low mile E46 M3, or just mod the hell out of an FR-S.

The monogram package was just announced for the FR-S, something I was considering a while back…

Keep that 318 you know you’re in love with it to no end!

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Shoot dat shit!

Shoot dat shit!

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my car

my car

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